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没找到这首歌 你要的不会是so sick- ne yo Don't make me think about her smile So Sick 歌手:Ne Yo 专辑:In My Own Words Gotta change my answering machine 我换了个电话答录机 Now that I'm alone 现在我很孤独 Cuz right now it says th...

Heart Attack Demi Lovato 唱 的 Putting my defenses up 竖起防护墙 Cause I don't wanna fall in love 因为我不想坠入爱河 If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack 倘若我再次心动,脆弱的心将不堪一击 Never put my love out o...

C 试题分析:句意:--你认为和你的同学交朋友是好主意吗?--事实上,我认为是个好主意。really真的; obviously显然; actually事实上;generally 一般地。故选C。点评:本题难度适中。交际用语的考查要放在上下文语境中理解运用,提醒考生平时...

1、答题要领: (1)explicitly point out the characteristics you think are important. (2)ideally include two reasons for each characteristic. 2、观点提示: (1)patience 1)children learn things by making mistakes, parents' patience ...

let sb think sth

made thought


make sb think about sth 使某人想起某事 造句: And they should make us think about the future too. 而且,这些研究也应当促使我们思考未来。 What does this simple request make you think about? 这个简单的请求令你想起什么?

What__you__he is a true friend? 什么令你认为他是真正的朋友。 第三人称单数才加S,由此,B跟D排除。 you是人称代词,怎么能跟to介词呢? 所以最佳答案是A。

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