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这孩子在前面说了么,when you wish upon a star,出自电影《Pinocchio》木偶奇遇记。jesse mccartney唱的迪士尼的歌曲。 可以对着歌词听一下,的确很可爱哦. 《When You Wish Upon A Star》 歌手:Jesse McCartney 歌词: When you wish upon a ...

http://fc.5sing.com/2977120.html who will song to me who will kissmy head when i lie in bed and who will hold my hand who will understand who will sing my song to me who willhold me tight in the dark of night and who will brush...

保证啊~~~~~~~~~~~! http://mp3.baidu.com/m?z=0&cl=3&ct=134217728&sn=&lm=-1&cm=1&sc=1&bu=&rn=30&tn=baidump3&word=somewhere+out+there&pn=30 自己去找一下

小女孩叫 Kaitlyn Maher歌曲名somewhere out there 木染草 | 发布于2015-08-12 19:32 评论 你说的是小康尼?《彩虹深处》Somewhere Over The Rainbow 电影...

Kaitlyn Maher http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzI2MjIwNjg=.html

《who well sing my song to me》

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