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in honour of [英][in ˈɔnə ɔv][美][ɪn ˈɑnɚ ʌv] adv.为纪念,为庆祝; 例句: 1. We asked eight leading writers what items they would donate to the museum in honour oftheir own lost loves. 为此...

in honour of 英 [in ˈɔnə ɔv] 美 [ɪn ˈɑnɚ ʌv] adv. 为纪念,为庆祝 双语例句 The Foundation is holding a dinner in honour of something or other. 基金会正举办某个纪念宴会

类似于in memory of 名称,固定搭配

两者在意思方面有所差别 in honor of 对…表示敬意 in memory of 对…怀念/纪念(一般是已逝的人)

in a blaze of anger 勃然大怒 in a brace of shakes立刻,马上 in a ratio of 以...的比例 in a sort of sense在某种意义上 in a sort of way在一定程度上 in and out of season一年四季,不论何时 in back of在...后面 in front of在...前面 i...

in honour of 向…表示敬意;为纪念…;为了庆祝… 例句与用法A temple was built in honour of the brave dragon . 人们建造了一座庙来纪念那条勇敢的龙。 I have cooked a special meal in honour of our visitors. 我做了一道特殊的菜向我们的来...

in the memory of, 指所提的人已经去世了,或者退休了,退役了。 in the honor of, 一比较笼统,没有特定的适用场合。(人一般还健在)

为了向…表示敬意,为纪念 A reception was held in honor of the new director. 举行酒会来欢迎新主任。

这个会议是纪念爆炸中的死难者所举行的 This meeting is hold in honor of those dead in the explosion 了解一个国家的一种办法是收集这个国家的邮票 One way to learn about a country is to collect its stamps 全班学生被分成几组来讨论这个...

以……的名义,也可以写做:in honour of .... The spokesman make the speech in honour of the president. 发言人以总统之名发表讲话。 I come here in his honour. 我代表他来这里。

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