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Heavenly Touch.avi


只有第一个 发给你哦 希望你喜欢O(∩_∩)O哈!

出自:《Can't Take My Eyes Off You》 原唱:Frankie Valli 作曲:Bob Gaudio 作词:Bob Crewe 歌词: You're just too good to be true 你完美得不真实 Can't take my eyes off you 我的视线无法离开你 You'd be like heaven to touch 你就像...


But I would need one more touch但是我需要更多的触摸Another taste of heavenly rush涌来另一种充满了神圣的味道And I believe, I believe it so oh oh oh...


这首歌是Prayer,a new day has come 那张专辑里面的。 Prayer和The prayer不是一首,后面这个是合唱的。

you're always on my mind, all day?all the time. you're everything to me, brightest star to let me see. you touch me in my dreamed, ...

naturally sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and feel, these six senses... creates heavens and earths; The Great Tao, being emotionless, runs the ...

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