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初来乍到美剧全台词压缩包,见附件。 如果看不到附件,请用电脑访问。 解压之后,是 txt 格式的全英文台词文件,用记事...

《初来乍到》(Fresh Off the Boat,又译《菜鸟新移民》)是一部于美国时间2015年2月4日在美国广播公司(ABC)首播的情景喜剧。该剧改编自华裔美国厨师黄颐铭(Eddie Huang)的回忆录《初来乍到:回忆录》(Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir)。该...

The phrase fresh off the boat (FOB) is the term used to describe immigrants that have arrived from a foreign nation and have not yet assimilated into the host nation's culture, language, and behaviour,[1] but still continue wit...


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