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Due to【英 [dju: tu:] 美 [du tu] 】 释义:欠下债[账],应给予; 由于; 因为; 应归于。 造句: 1、Council members are due to have informal discussions later on today. 委员会成员定于今日晚些时候进行非正式讨论。 2、He is due to fac...

1、dr:bank account 20000$ cr:accoutrecievable 20000$ 2\ dr:financial expenses$3800 cr:accoutrecievable 3800 3\dr:i can not read ,if you mean the goods has been carried out of the factory but invoices unpaid? 4、dr:Raw materials...

一、企业财务会计报表封面 FINANCIAL REPORT COVER 报表所属期间之期末时间点 Period Ended 所属月份 Reporting Period 报出日期 Submit Date 记账本位币币种 Local Reporting Currency 审核人 Verifier 填表人 Preparer 二、资产负债表 Balance...

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