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I was watching TV when you called . When I opened the door ,she was crying. When the teacher came ,we were reading loudly. I was washing my clothes while he was cooking. I was eating with my family yesterday in this time.

Yesterday when I got back home after school,mom was cooking dinner for me.

过去完成进行时是相对过去的某个时刻来说已经对现在有直接影响并且还在进行的动作。 过去完成进行时是由"had been +现在分词"构成。 She had been suffering from a bad cold when she took the exam. 她在考试之前一直患重感冒。 They had been...


1.过去将来进行时由主语+should(would)+be+现在分词 2.否定:主语+should(would)+not+be+现在分词 3.疑问:should(would)+主语+be+现在分词(+其他) 过去将来进行时主要用于宾语从句 中,尤其多用于间接引语中。 举例:They said they would be ...

过去进行时 1.The boy was doing his homework when his father came back from work. 2.He was taking a walk leisurely by the lake when he heard someone shouted for help. 3.What were you doing at nine last night? 4.The radio was bei...

-.-随便说10句么?那很好写呀。。 I was watching TV this time yesterday. When my mother came back,I was wrting my homework。 换点动词就十句了= =

yesterday,he was reading books while his mother was cooking The doorbell rang when i was watching TV

while 表示"当。。。的时候”,引导时间状语从句时,从句中动词要用延续性动词,从句的时态可以是现在进行时,也可以是过去进行时。 精锐南方老师

I am doing my homework at 8 o'clock. I was doing my homework at 8 o'clock yesterday.

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